The Sutlej Club, Ludhiana was started as an Officer’s Club during the British regime, with the Deputy Commissioner as its permanent President in his ex-officio capacity. These two features of the constitution of this club are a basic structure and therefore, remain strictly unalterable. The broad spectrum of the constitution also remains practically unchanged. The constitution now lays more emphasis on the quality of members through screening at different levels. To ensure the basic feature of the officer's club, the officers are being involved in the real management of the Club. Elections have become very expensive over the period. To reduce this expenditure, several new features are incorporated in the constitution of the Club. To keep in accordance with the changing times representation to ladies is provided in the management. The admission fees for new members are increased to improve the revenues of the club.

For amending this constitution, a nine member constitution amendment committee was constituted. Later the committee presented its report to the executive committee. The Executive committee presented the new constitution in the general body meeting specially called for this purpose on 14.7.1996. The proposed constitution was passed in the general body meeting by voice vote and it was decided to give effect to it as from the July 15th 1996.
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